How To Recruit Rockstars

"Ninety percent of business problems are actually recruiting problems in disguise," declares Jeff Hyman, author of the book, Recruit Rockstars: The 10 Step Playbook To Find The Winners And Ignite Your Business.

Hyman, who has recruited more than 3,000 people during his career, also explains that "nothing will accelerate the growth of your company faster than a commitment to placing Rockstars in every role at every level."

As you read the book, you'll discover Hyman's 10-step method for landing the very best talent. Progressing through the book chapters you'll learn how to:
  • Prepare for Rockstars
  • Recruit only Rockstars
  • Grow your Rockstars
Keep in mind, however, that a Rockstar at one company isn't necessarily one at another. Rockstars are Rockstars because they are a fit in terms of both competencies and DNA characteristics.

And, the three things Rockstars prize most are:
  • A challenging environment that allows for their best work
  • Professional and personal life balance 
  • Job stability
Hyman recommends that while interviewing potential Rockstars you share with them these vital components about your company and the position for which you are recruiting:
  • Be clear about your company's identity and what it's truly like to work there.
  • Be up front about your non-negotiables, such as location, hours, and the like, But distinguish first what is literally non-negotiable and what isn't.
  • Give the position a creative title. Rockstars want a title that reflects the importance of their work.
Finally, the author stresses the importance of onboarding. Yes, even Rockstars need proper onboarding. This onboarding section of the book is one of my favorite parts of the book.

Thank you to the book publisher for sending me an advance copy of the book.


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