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Why Leaders Should Put Learning Front And Center

“When you put learning at the center of everything you do, you'll grow your career, boost your leadership skills, enrich your relationships, and increase your joy and fulfillment in life,” explains David Novak , author (with Lari Bishop ) of the new book and practical guide, How Leaders Learn .   He adds that, “ Learning is the mindset, the differentiating skill, and the approach to life and the world that defines the most successful leaders.”   Novak emphasizes that even for people who are naturally curious and interested in solving problems, being an  effective  learner  –  one who can turn learning into action  –  takes insight and practice.   Through engaging stories of wins and losses, missteps and miracle saves, challenges tackled, and problems solved, Novak shows you all the ways you can become an active learner.   The book includes a collection of wisdom and practical habits from more than 100 of the most successful learners and leaders in the world, deeply