How To Continually Improve

Now is a good time to set some remaining goals for the rest of 2020. As you create those, add reading The School of Greatness to your "to do" list. It's a highly uplifting and motivational book on how to strive for greatness in your everyday life.

Specifically, author Lewis Howes, shares his progression of a series of lessons -- eight areas that help you focus on continual improvement:
  1. Create a vision.
  2. Turn adversity into advantage.
  3. Cultivate a champion's mindset.
  4. Develop hustle.
  5. Master your body.
  6. Practice positive habits.
  7. Build a winning team.
  8. Be of service to others.
Packed with exercises, tools, tips and examples, the book makes for a perfect read at the start of the new year.


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