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Questions To Ask To Encourage Your Team To Go Beyond Ordinary

"It takes more than encouraging words to get a team thinking beyond the ordinary," explains Jackie Barretta, author of the book, Primal Teams.

She suggests you must help team members to redefine the purpose of their work with broader and more expansive thinking. Use certain pointed questions to guide a team toward a loftier view of their purpose.

Specifically, Barretta recommends you as the leader ask the following purpose-broadening questions to encourage the team to think of providing value beyond the ordinary:
What major contributions can our team make to the company's success?What do we do that makes our colleagues and customers happy?What does our work do to give our company a competitive advantage?What do we do that no one else can do?What legacy do we want to leave?What future possibilities excite us?What difference does our work make in the lives of others?

How To Find Success, Purpose And Happiness

“I wrote this book as a roadmap to help you find success, purpose, and happiness,” explains Tom Lewis, author of the new book, Solid Ground.
In his highly personable book, Lewis uses his life story to connect the dots between his challenges and accomplishments to demonstrate the five foundational building blocks of success. He speaks from his experience as an award-winning homebuilder and philanthropist. And, as someone who overcame difficult markets, tough competition, and a life-threatening illness.
Those five foundational building blocks and key qualities necessary for reaching your potential are:Finding your talentMaking good decisionsTaking smart risksKeeping your drive aliveManaging your careerIn Solid Ground, Lewis also covers the topics of personal character, goal setting, helping others, benefits of self-awareness and finding purpose and meaning.

T.W. Lewis
Some of Lewis’ life lessons are:
Finding your talent and your purpose is the key to life. Both take time.Try something hard. …

How To Be A Better Leader

Heed this advice from Julian Birkinshaw, author of the book, Becoming A Better Boss, on how to be a better leader.
Strive to answer “Yes” to these three questions: Do you invest your time in things that help others to succeed?Do you invest in projects that will help the company in the long run, even if you won’t be around to get any credit for their success?Are you prepared to try out a new way of working that may fail, even if you risk looking foolish?

High-Performing Teams Do These 10 Things

According to Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese, authors of the book, The Collaboration Imperative, high-performing teams have the following characteristics: People have solid and deep trust in each other and in the team's purpose--they feel free to express feelings and ideas.Everybody is working toward the same goals.Team members are clear on how to work together and how to accomplish tasks.Everyone understands both team and individual performance goals and knows what is expected.Team members actively diffuse tension and friction in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.The team engages in extensive discussion, and everyone gets a chance to contribute--even the introverts.Disagreement is viewed as a good thing and conflicts are managed.  Criticism is constructive and is oriented toward problem solving and removing obstacles.The team makes decisions when there is natural agreement--in the cases where agreement is elusive, a decision is made by the team lead or executive sponsor, after which litt…

How To Succeed As A Young Professional

Good books I like to share. Really good books I like to share with lots of people. And, Nathan Magnuson’s latest book, StandOut! Become a Young Professional Who Wins at Work and Life, is a really good book you, and lots of people, should know about. Written by a humble, wise, insightful millennial, Magnuson provides a timely resource to help young professionals excel in the workplace and beyond. Call it a blueprint, handbook, guide or manual, Stand Out! is a must-read for young professionals early in their career, for recent college graduates, and for workplace leaders respectfully guiding and coaching the young professionals within their organizations. Stand Out! also makes for a good gift from a parent or life/business coach and is perfect for a millennial’s book club. Magnuson tells it like it is, provides clear, practical, actionable advice and speaks with authenticity and in a conversational style that will resonate with young career professionals. Within the book’s 10 chapters, …

Wisdom Versus Integrity


Servant Leadership In Action

Check out the definitive book on servant leadership. It's a curated collection of incredibly insightful and motivational perspectives on servant leadership via essays by 44 servant leaders.

Edited by Ken Blanchard and Renee BroadwellServant Leadership in Action, includes the personal stories from some of the most well-respected authorities on leadership: Patrick LencioniJohn C. MaxwellMarshall GoldsmithStephen M. R. CoveyPlus, you'll read keen advice from celebrated sports coaches, company CEO's, pastors and retired military leaders.
Each of the 44 stories/chapters stands strong on its own. However, Blanchard and Broadwell group them within six parts: Fundamentals of Servant LeadershipElements of Servant LeadershipLessons in Servant LeadershipExamples of Servant LeadershipPutting Servant Leadership to WorkServant Leadership TurnaroundsGet your pen or highlighter ready. You're sure to take lots of notes as you capture advice from this powerful book, where as John C. Maxwe…

How To Create A People-First Culture At Your Workplace

If you want to create a heart culture and a people-first culture at your workplace, read the book, Advisory Leadership, by Greg Friedman.

Although the book is authored by an award-winning financial advisor and primarily written for professionals in the financial services industry, this book is a must read for any leader who wants to create a nurturing heart culture that hinges on the human-centric values the next generation of employees hold in high regard.

And, what exactly is heart culture? Friedman says, "At its core, heart culture symbolizes how a company values more than just an employee's output. It's not about the work, but rather, the people who do the work."

He further explains that leaders can no longer afford to ignore the shift toward a people-first culture and its direct influence on a healthy, effective work environment.

Friedman teaches that there are seven steps, based on human virtues we all strive to achieve, that are key to unlocking the power of a peo…

How To Connect With Compassion

Soft skills, all too often deemed the less important skills for a leader, are needed now more than ever.
Soft skills are interpersonal skills that demonstrate a person's ability to communicate effectively and build relationships with others in one-on-one interactions as well as in groups and teams.According to Maxine Kamin, author of the book, Soft Skills Revolution, "The practice of soft skills aids in communication and promotes problem solving, negotiation, conflict resolutions, and team building."

Each of the book's nine chapters, listed below, provide dialogue, questions, tips and recommended activities:
What Are Soft Skills?The Hidden Side of CommunicationThe Power of Positive IntentionsTack and DiplomacyThe Challenge of Problem SolvingSoft Skills and TeamsThe Personality FactorTaking the Sting Out of FeedbackConflict and CooperationOne of my favorite parts of the book is where Kamin explains the common expectations of staff members when it comes to the Principles …

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

"Today's customers demand something unlike anything they have ever wanted in the past -- a connection with your business," explains Noah Fleming, author of the must-read bookEvergreen. "This means that in order to increase customer loyalty, you need to create a relationship with that customer on a deeper and much more profound level," adds Fleming.

And, to do this, you need to think in an entirely new way (at times even counter intuitively) about your market, your customers and your marketing offers.

Noah Fleming
Fortunately, in Fleming's timely and intensively relevant book, he shows you through strategies, exercises and examples what to do.

Fleming's techniques teach you how to acquire customers faster and how to create what he calls legitimate brand loyalty -- the type that helps to keep your business thriving.

One of the book's most compelling lessons for me was why it's so important to tell your customers your company's origin story. Flemi…

Book Recommendation For Leaders: The Leadership Challenge

There is good reason why, The Leadership Challenge, book is now in its sixth addition. It expertly teaches you what to do as a leader to mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done in your organization.
Revised to address current challenges, this sixth edition marks thirty-plus years since the book was first published.
Embedded in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are behaviors that can serve as the basis for becoming an exemplary leader. The authors, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, call these The Ten Commitments of Exemplary Leadership. Chapters in the book explain the conceptual principles that support each practice and prescribe specific recommendations on what you can do to make each practice and commitment your own.
The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership: Model the WayInspire a Shared VisionChallenge the ProcessEnable Others to ActEncourage the Heart Kouzes and Posner explain that leaders who use these five practices more frequently than their counterpa…

Discover Your True North And Internal Compass

In his book, True North, Bill George shows you how to discover your true north - your internal compass that guides you successfully through life. "Only when you discover your true north can you unlock your full potential as a leader and human being," explains George.

In the book, published a couple weeks ago, George shares with you how to:
Cultivate self-awarenessDefine your valuesFind the "sweet spots": of your motivated capabilitiesBuild your support team and lead an integrated lifeMake the journey from "I' to "We" as an empowering leaderBecome a global leader

Bill George
George shares profiles and stories from more than 100 leaders who in their own words explain how they discovered their true north. 
He also explains the characteristics differences needed to be a leader in the Twenty-First Century versus the Twentieth-Century. Today's leaders, he says need to be: Purpose-drive versus charismaticGlobally focused versus U. S.-centricThinking long-…

52 Discoveries Leaders Can Implement Quickly

Fascinating, timely, critically useful and immensely relevant is how I describe the book, It’s the Manager. And, it’s based on the largest study of its kind: 37.2 million people surveyed over 30 years through U.S. and global workplace tracking, including interviews of employees and managers from 160 counties, interviews with leading economists and roundtable interviews with CHROs (Chief Human Resource Officers) from 300 of the world’s largest organizations.
The book, authored by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter, Ph.D., both of Gallup, presents 52 powerful discoveries leaders can read and implement quickly, including: Adapt organizations and cultures to rapid change and new workplace demands.Meet the challenges of managing remote employees, a diverse workforce, gig workers and the rise of artificial intelligence.Attract, hire, onboard and retain the best employees to make your organization one of the most desired places to work for current and future star.Transform your managers into coaches w…

Flashback: Best New Leadership Book Of 2018

The new book, Say What You Mean, by Oren Jay Sofer, couldn’t have come at a better time. Because 2018 was a year filled with communication challenges for so many people.Often, those conversations were ineffective and unhealthy, causing frustration, conflict and distress.
Published toward the end of 2018, Sofer’s book teaches you how to find your voice, speak your truth and listen deeply.
Most important, via the book, Sofer provides us the skill necessary to transform communication into a vehicle for greater intimacy, honesty, and compassion to bring us to greater equity and peace.
And, that’s why, Say What You Mean, is my pick for Best New Leadership Book for 2018.
The overarching framework for the book is taking three steps to create effective conversation: Lead with presence – show up and be fully in the moment.Come from curiosity and care – rooted in the foundation of our intention.Focus on what matters – honing our attention and training our mind’s capacity to discern what’s essential …

How To Be An Effective Listener

Here are some great tips from Michelle Tillis Lederman's book, The 11 Laws of Likability. They are all about:
what to do and what not to do to be a leader who's an effective listener:Do:
Maintain eye contactLimit your talkingFocus on the speakerAsk questionsManage your emotionsListen with your eyes and earsListen for ideas and opportunitiesRemain open to the conversationConfirm understanding, paraphraseGive nonverbal messages that you are listening (nod, smile)Ignore distractionsDon't:
InterruptShow signs of impatienceJudge or argue mentallyMultitask during a conversationProject your ideasThink about what to say nextHave expectations or preconceived ideasBecome defensive or assume you are being attackedUse condescending, aggressive, or closed body languageListen with biases or closed to new ideasJump to conclusions or finish someone's sentences

Today's Leadership Quotes

Some of my favorite quotes for leaders are:
A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit -- Arnold H. GlasgowI praise loudly, I blame softly -- Catherine II of RussiaHonest disagreement is often a good sign of progress -- Mohandas GandhiA long dispute means that both parties are wrong -- VoltaireThe least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable -- Paul BrocaThese and many more compelling quotes can be found in Susan H. Shearouse's book, Conflict 101.

11 Key Leadership Principles From Battlefield To Boardroom

Ken Marlin's book, The Marine Corps Way To Win On Wall Street, is all about a Marine-turned-banker's tactics for succeeding ethically, and more specifically about 11 key principles from battlefield to boardroom.

Ken Marlin
"I wrote the book in part because of the bashing that corporate executives and Wall Street bankers have been receiving for many years in the press and in political circles. I wanted to show people a way to be successful on Wall Street and on Main Street that works better than the current system -- and allows you to be proud of how you did it," explains Marlin.

The 11 key principles Marlin covers in his book are:
Take the long viewTake a standBe the expert (or use one)Know the enemyKnow what the objective is worthKnow yourselfControl the timingNegotiate from the high groundSeek foreign entanglementsTrust and verifyBe disciplined

Ken Marlin
Between 1970 and 1981, Marlin rose from the enlisted ranks to become a Marine captain and infantry commander. Since t…

The Three Pillars Of Executive Presence

After two years of research, forty focus groups and a national survey, author Sylvia Ann Hewlett contends the three pillars of Executive Presence are: How you act (gravitas)How you speak (communication)How you look (appearance)All three work together to help you telegraph (signal) to others that you have what it takes and that you're star material.  
"One thing to note at the start is that these pillars are not equally important--not by a long shot," explains Hewlett.  "Gravitas is the core characteristic."
And according to the senior leaders that Hewlett researched the top aspects of  gravitas are: Confidence and "grace under fire"Decisiveness and "showing teeth"Integrity and "speaking truth to power"Emotional intelligenceReputation and standing/"pedigree"Vision/charismaIn her book, Executive Presence, she teaches how to act, communicate and look your best while avoiding the most common blunders in each of these three catego…

Management And Leadership Books To Read This Month

Pictured above are two books to add to your list for reading this month.

Let The Story Do The Work explains that at the heart of leadership lies persuasion. And at the heart of persuasion likes storytelling. In her book, author Esther K. Choy teaches you how to:
Dispel any fears that you can't tell great stories.Connect with an audience by determining their point of view and speaking to their concerns.Tell stories with numbers.Turn complex material into engaging narratives.Enhance stories with simple visual elements.Tell your personal story in a way that builds credibility and forges relationships.Sense & Respond teaches you how to use a structured feedback loop to: Create two-way conversations.Focus on the outcomes.Embrace continuous processes.Create collaboration.Create a learning culture.It's a management playbook that enables organizations to engage in two-way communications with the market and to drive value from that conversation -- using technology and software that co…

How To Make Small Changes To Achieve Extraordinary Results

“Making small changes to reach big goals is the answer,” says entrepreneur and bestselling author Michael Alden in his book, 5% MORE: Making Small Changes To Achieve Extraordinary Results. “If you just put 5% more effort into any aspect of your life, you will not only achieve your goals, you will surpass them,” he explains. 
“Far too often, people become paralyzed when they want to improve their lives, because the effort to reach their goals seems overwhelming,” adds Alden. “Or the opposite occurs. They decide to dive into something one hundred percent, but then quickly lose steam.”
Therefore, Alden demonstrates that long-lasting success is based on small increases in effort. “Five percent is almost unnoticeable in terms of effort—but it accrues quickly, with each step boosting the baseline,” he declares.
Although much of Alden’s advice is based on personal experience, observation, and common sense, he is careful to discuss the studies and research that support his ideas throughout the b…