10 Coaching Mistakes To Avoid

Gregg Thompson’s book, The Master Coach, reveals these 10 mistakes that you should avoid when you coach someone: 

  1. Trying to be a great coach. Instead, put your energy into helping the person become great.
  2. Working too hard. It’s your job to challenge the person to do the hard work.
  3. Not saying what needs to be said.
  4. Neglecting to ask the person how you can be most helpful.
  5. Assuming the person is a challenge to overcome or a problem to be fixed. Coaching is not a project, but rather a special relationship and conversation.
  6. Talking too much. Silence and attentive listening are some of the most powerful coaching tools.
  7. Owning the outcome. The person being coached owns both the success and the failures; you don’t.
  8. Giving excessive well-meaning advice.
  9. Steering the conversation toward the path you know is best. Instead, allow the person to find their own best path forward.
  10. Finishing without a commitment. Insist the person promises to advance their cause in some way.


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