New E-Learning Communications Course From The Grossman Group

The Grossman Group has launched its new Take5 ™ to Communicate Well three part e-learning course designed to teach managers at all levels how to plan and deliver effective communications to their employees.

Based on a 5-part model that can be quickly applied to a variety of communication situations, the course uses real-life scenarios designed to help managers immediately apply the model to their work.

The interactive course – made up of three 30 minute modules – tackles the following topics and offers 5 key takeaways:
  • Outcome: Get the results you seek by properly identifying your desired business outcome before you communicate
  • Audience: Identify your audience, their needs and care-abouts to help inform what you communicate
  • Message: Move people to action through proper message development
  • Method: Effectively deliver your message by selecting the best method based on the type of information you want to communicate
  • Measurement: Determine the effectiveness of your communication in real-time through on-the-spot communication measurement techniques
The course gives learners the opportunity to participate in a number of real-life exercises to reinforce key learnings and a final exercise to apply the principles taught to one situation. Take5 ™ to Communicate Well is available for license in an off-the-shelf and fully customizable format.

The Grossman Group specializes in strategic leadership and internal communication. Its inside-out philosophy is about ensuring leadership is aligned, and internal audiences are on board and engaged before telling your story externally.


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