Two New Books For Leaders And HR Directors

During this past summer, Wiley released two new books for leaders and individuals leading HR departments at businesses and organizations.

The books are, Lead the Work: Navigating a World Beyond Employment, and Misplaced Talent: A Guide to Better people Decisions.

Both are insightful reads. Misplaced Talent was my favorite.

That book's author, Joe Ungemah, professes:

"I believe we are in a state of misplaced talent. At times, we park our best and brightest staff in the wrong places, where they are either not maximizing what they can do or become at risk of drifting away due to lack of interest in the job. At other times, we can forget what really matters to the organization, placing too much emphasis on jobs and functions that have minimal impact on what a company is tasked to do. And still other times, we bet on the wrong talent to lead and grow our businesses, overlooking employees or applicants who are more deserving and capable."

Ungemah explains that, "Leaders have an obligation to ensure that they are valuing people decisions as highly as the other decisions they make. If leaders uniformly spent the same amount of time and energy on people decisions as they do on strategy or finance, I believe that organizations would look and feel very different than they do today."

Lead the Work teaches leaders how to cope with the emerging trend away from traditional employment that has profound implications for the business model of every organization,

Thanks to the books' publisher for sending me advance copies of the books.


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