Staying Relevant In A Fast-Changing World

Alan Adamson, co-author of the book, Shift Ahead, says that “the ability for companies and organizations to stay relevant is being significantly challenged by the accelerating pace of change – and new ways of doing things – that are emerging with every passing day.” At a speed of change unlike every before. 

That’s why this book, sub-titled, How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World, is a both a timely and pertinent read. 

The book is based on the hands-on experience of both authors, Adamson, a branding expert, and Joel Steckel, a professor of marketing and vice dean of doctoral education at NYU Stern School of Business. 

And most significant, it’s based on academic research and more than 100 interviews/case studies with senior management, business leaders and category experts from a wide spectrum of applicable fields who have lived through change or analyzed the phenomenon. 

For example, you’ll discover the lessons learned by Kodak, Xerox, BlackBerry, Delta, Barnes & Noble, Marriott International, FedEx, New York University, Greenwich Public Library and dozens more. And, how uncovering those lessons, success and sometimes struggles help chart the course for other businesses. 

As you read the book, you’ll discover how to:
  • Read the signs that it’s time to shift business strategy.
  • Overcome financial, cultural, and psychological barriers to change.
  • Turn threats into new ways to extend a band’s promise.
  • Stay aligned to your “True North.”
  • Evolve to meet the times and the marketplace.
Equally important, Shift Ahead, chronicles and clarifies for you how the most successful businesses and organizations shifted the focus of their endeavors without losing focus on what they stand for in the minds of customers. 

The teachings are beneficial for brick-and-mortar establishments as well as online enterprises. And, applicable to small start-ups and nonprofits, as well as multinational organizations.


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