The Definition Of Work Ethic For Leaders

I really appreciate author Valerie M. Grubb's broader than typical definition of work ethic for leaders, as she details it in her book, Clash of the Generations.

Here is what she says defines work ethic for leaders:
  • Honest. Be truthful in your dealings with employees, vendors, customers, and anyone else with whom you come in contact on behalf of the company.
  • Full of Integrity. Maintain high-quality standards despite schedule pressures. Demonstrate and uphold values and principles that create a climate of trust.
  • Law-abiding. Act within the statutes of the law and the company's rules and regulations.
  • Trustworthy. Speak the truth even when no one else does. Be candid and forthcoming. Give credit freely for others' accomplishments. Stand by your commitments and own up to your mistakes. 
  • Fair. Be fair and just in dealings with employees. Value and support diversity and inclusion across the board.
  • Respectful of others. Display grace under pressure and don't lash out at employees, even when deadlines are tight or tempers flare. Show respect for all your colleagues by seeking heir input when trying to solve problems.
  • Dedicated. Continually strive to solve problems, even in the face of adversity. Don't accept business as usual.
  • Accountable. Take personal responsibility for your actions and outcomes.
  • Concern for others. Show gratitude to direct reports and colleagues who work hard. Say thank you when your employees complete tasks and projects.
  • Encouraging. Help your employees achieve their professional goals (even if that leads them out of your department). Care about their success.
Thank you, Valerie, for this wise advice.


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