70 Women Leaders Case Studies

Prepare to be inspired, impressed and motivated by personal, real-life stories and case studies from 70 women leaders in the book, Wisdom Warriors, authored by Carol Seymour.

Carol Seymour

Highly readable and relatable, this collection of enlightening profiles will help readers, male and female, to find the strength they need to define and achieve success in all aspect of their lives.

The book includes discussions about:
  • living intentionally and authentically
  • how to develop and demonstrate executive presence
  • the importance of practicing self-care
  • recognizing the difference between strengths and gifts -- and why that is important
You'll also find lots of powerful quotes from today's women leaders, including these two of my favorites from the book:
  • "Not everything can be as important and as urgent as everything else, because then you're just busy" - Annemieke van der Werff (Chief Human Resource Officer for the Americas/MUFG Union Bank)
  • "Always step outside of yourself and reach backward to help the people behind you" - Heather Milligan (SVP Underwriting & New Business of Lincoln Financial Group)
Finally, the Q&A sections interspersed throughout the book are particularly informational. They include topics, such as:
  1. How do you create more capacity?
  2. What is different about being in the C-suite?
  3. How do you balance being authentic with fitting into your company's culture?
  4. How do you go about fixing difficult relationships?
Reflecting on the abundance of stories in the book, Seymour said, "Sharing. Learning. Experiencing the lives and careers of other women who are just like us," is why I wrote the book."

"Maybe if we hear it in enough different ways, we'll take it in and incorporate their wisdom into our daily lives," Seymour adds.

Seymour is a Founding Member of Paradigm for Parity -- a movement of CEOs, senior executives, board members, and business academics committed to achieving gender parity at the senior levels of all major corporations by 2030. She also founded in 2013 Signature Leaders -- a development initiative and peer network to fast-track women into senior management. 


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