Leading Versus Managing

In his book, Getting To "Yes And": The Art of Business Improv, author Bob Kulhan reminds us of the important difference between leadership and management.

"I'd suggest that the act of managing focuses strictly on strategic thinking at its most practical -- on execution. Managing is taking care of logistical and practical details," says Kulhan. "The real problem arises when anyone confuses the managing of job-specific details with actual leadership. One does not need to be a visionary to qualify as a leader, but leadership does imply vision from a position of oversight," explains Kulhan.

He further shares, "Managing is part of leading, and a great leader can and should be an excellent manager. The skill of managing, though, is only one part of leading, and managing in and of itself is not leading."

Finally, Kulhan says that "a good leader communicates on a broader, higher level. A leader drives for results, leads by example, and develops talent. That leader also promotes teamwork and cooperation, values and respects the differences of team members, connects with others in empathetic ways, and leverages the talents of others to get the best possible results out of a team, all while hitting the strategically targeted bull's-eye."


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