What More Can I Say?

Dianna Booher's new book, What More Can I Say?, presents nine core principles of persuasive communication in an easy-to-read and easy-to-digest format that makes for a compelling read for anyone wanting to succeed in changing behavior or changing minds.

The nine core principles are:
  1. The Law of Trust vs. Distrust
  2. The Law of Collaboration vs. Monologue
  3. The Law of Simplicity vs. Complexity
  4. The Law of Tact vs. Insensitivity
  5. The Law of Potential vs. Achievement
  6. The Law of Distinction vs. Dilution
  7. The Law of Specialty vs. Generalization
  8. The Law of Emotion vs. Logic
  9. The Law of Perspective vs. Distortion
Booher draws on her decades of experience coaching and conducting workshops, and through the various Laws illustrates how messages can be delivered to:
  • Make a sale
  • Cement a relationship
  • Lead employees through a corporate restructuring
  • Inspire employees
  • Recruit top talent
  • and much more
The book includes plenty of real-world, use-tomorrow, examples. And, Booher sprinkles throughout the book many inspiring leadership and communication quotes. Booher has written 46 books.


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