The Reconnected Leader

Norman Pickavance

Norman Pickavance's new book, The Reconnected Leader, provides an eight-step model for implementing new practices to help leaders reconnect with their teams and reset the relationship the business has with its stakeholders.

Those eight steps are:

  1. Discovering the power of purpose
  2. Building reconnected boards
  3. Creating reconnected work environments
  4. Nurturing a spirit of shared enterprise
  5. Connecting with the wider world
  6. Creating deeper customer connections
  7. Inspiring connected innovators
  8. Creating a new model for your personal leadership

Pickavance explains that all the following factors facing leaders today are the reasons for learning how to reconnect:

  • struggles with ethical policies
  • disconnected boards
  • careerism
  • disposable workforce
  • big data
  • losing touch with customers

One of my favorite parts of the book is the one that outlines the five principles of a purpose-driven business:

  1. Does your organization have a purpose that delivers long-term sustainable performance?
  2. Is your business fair and honest with customers and suppliers?
  3. Are you a responsible and responsive employer?
  4. Are you a good citizen?
  5. Are you a guardian for future generations?
Thanks to the book's publisher's for sending me an advance copy of the book.


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