Five Benefits Of Having An Ethical Culture

In Andrew Leigh's book, Ethical Leadership, he provides these compelling and important benefits of having an ethical culture in your business/organization:
  1. Customers prefer dealing with companies who put ethics at the center of their culture.
  2. Most employees would prefer to earn less working for an ethical company than being paid more and working for an unethical company.
  3. More than one in three people at work say they've left a job because they've disagreed with the company's ethical standards (Trevino, L and Nelson, K - 2011)
  4. If you adopt an early warning system against misconduct it reduces the risk of you facing expensive litigation.
  5. An ethical culture helps you make your company a strong affirming place to work in.
"The foundations of an ethical culture include values, attitudes, meaning, behaviors, purpose, and management practices," explains Leigh.


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