Watch Super Bowl XLV For Its Advertisers' Social Media Plays

As you watch Super Bowl XLV today, watch particularly for how advertisers integrate their social media with their TV commercials.

Mixing traditional media with new media will be unprecedented this year.
  • One reason is that nearly two-thirds of 18- to 34-year-olds planning to watch the Super Bowl have smartphones and intend to use them while watching the game, according to Lightspeed Research.
  • Of those, 59% will be sending emails or text messages about the game while 18% will be checking out the ads online from their phones.
Some advertisers have already started their pre-game, social media play to build brand buzz and attract viewers to watch their Super Bowl commercials.
Watch for advertisers that will:
  • ask viewers to post pictures on special advertiser websites and then share them via Facebook and Twitter
  • post outtakes and/or exclusive content after the game on their websites and social media pages
  • invite (or already have invited) people to submit consumer-made-ads about the advertisers' products
  • offer Facebook "fan only" content
  • encourage viewers to tweet about their ads
  • tie together a story that can only be pieced together by viewers by watching the TV commercial and by engaging with the advertiser's social media
As a business leader, let today's display of integration be food for thought about how your business can effectively integrate your social media with your more traditional marketing and promotion.


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