8 Tips For Leaders New To Blogging

Here are eight tips for leaders new to blogging or for leaders who want to ensure their company's Blog is the most effective it can be:
  1. Use keywords for your business in your Blog posting headlines.
  2. Write about the pain points of your target reader.
  3. Be sure your Blog covers topics where you or your company is truly an expert.
  4. Keep your Blog postings short.  Keep paragraphs and sentences short.  Use bullets.
  5. Include a call to action.  Perhaps you ask a question or offer a downloadable white paper.  Or, ask readers to sign up for your company's e-newsletter.
  6. Publish a list that is likely to be shared by your Blog's readers. 
  7. Include and quote industry experts in your Blog postings.
  8. Use free metrics and analytical tools to measure which of your postings are best read and shared.  Use the tool to track the sources that drive the most traffic to your Blog.


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