The Three Things That Create Great Customer Service

United's Vice President for HR-Employee Relations, Donna Towle, says that if co-workers relate to one another within a company culture that fosters:
  • Trust
  • Pride
  • Camaraderie
...then great customer service falls into place.

Equally important for United is listening to its frontline employees.  Towle, in an interview featured in the airline's in-flight magazine, says there can't be a disconnect between management and the frontlines.

To ensure two-communication is taking place, United:
  • Dispatches teams to act as impartial liaisons between leadership and frontline co-workers to ensure that employees have someone in management they can speak to who is neutral and unbiased.
Towle also works with United's leadership team to help ensure that:
  • Management delivers on promises
  • Shows appreciation for good work and for extra effort
  • Seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas
  • Shows interest in employees as human beings


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