Six No-Cost Ways To Be An Effective Leader

Author and consultant Leigh Branham says the good news is that the most effective things a leader can do don’t cost money; they just cost time and effort.

Branham says a leader should:
1.  Make the commitment to create a great place to work.
2.  Inspire employee confidence in decisions and clear business direction.
3.  Work to build trust based on honesty and integrity.
4.  Practice open, two-way communication, especially in times of uncertainty.
5.  Look out for the organization before you look out for yourself.
6.  Believe employees should be developed and retained; not burned out and discarded.

These six leadership skills topped the list of what leaders routinely do in companies that have won “Best-Place-to-Work” competitions in 45 U.S. cities, according to research conducted by Branham.

“Overall, our research confirmed that the culture that senior leaders build is even more important than how immediate managers manage because it so profoundly influences how those managers manage,” added Branham.

Branham is the author of the book, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave.

And when it comes to employee retention, Branham explains that there is something an employee can do, too, to help make his/her job more rewarding and fulfilling, even if their leader lacks the best of leadership skills.

•  “I recommend that the employee focus on finding unmet needs in the organization where they can use the talents they most enjoy using to do something that is meaningful and significant to both that employee and the organization,” said Branham.

Branham’s latest book is called, Re-engage.


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