How To Write A Business Plan In One Hour

Joe Calhoon, published seven years ago, The 1 Hour Plan for Growth, where he provides a system for creating a clear and compelling business plan for growth.

I believe business plans are critical to any business — new or old. So, if this book helps those who have been putting off the task because it seems too daunting, try Calhoon’s book.

The 194-page shows business leaders how to write a business plan in about one hour so it fits on a single sheet of paper. The plan will include six essential elements:


And, Calhoon teaches how to write a plan that will engage employees and develop leadership capacity. Calhoon’s system has been used by Kansas City-based companies, such as:

  • Cruise Holidays of KC
  • Jack Stack Barbecue
  • Redemption Plus
  • United Heating and Cooling

“Joe Calhoon is an expert at making the growth planning process simple. This book is a must read for every team member where leadership is committed to growth. Now there is a book which makes the growth planning process simple and practical,” said Stephen Linnemann, VP at Burns and McDonnell Engineering.


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