13 Energizing Verbs To Use More Often

From the book, Anticipate, the Art of Leading by Looking Ahead, by Rob-Jan De Jong, here are 13 energizing verbs the author recommends we use more often:
  1. Discover (instead of See)
  2. Explore (instead of Discuss)
  3. Radiate (instead of Display)
  4. Uncover (instead of Show)
  5. Transform (instead of Change)
  6. Engage (instead of Involve)
  7. Mobilize (instead of Gather)
  8. Stretch (instead of Develop)
  9. Boost (instead of Increase)
  10. Propel (instead of Move)
  11. Deliver (instead of Give)
  12. Grasp (instead of Understand)
  13. Connect (instead of Join)
Great advice, indeed!


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