Lead By Setting A Good Example

There is nothing more powerful for a leader to do than to lead by setting a good example.

So, here are 15 things you can do to be an effective and successful leader:

1. Praise when compliments are earned.
2. Be decisive.
3. Say “Thank You” and sincerely mean it.
4. Communicate clearly.
5. Listen carefully.
6. Teach something new to your team members.
7. Word hard and lend a hand when deadlines are tight.
8. Show respect for everyone on your team.
9. Follow through when you promise to do something.
10. Allow learning to happen when mistakes are made.
11. Allow prudent autonomy.
12. Respond to questions quickly and fully.
13. Return e-mail and phone calls promptly.
14. Take an interest in your employees and their important personal milestone events.
15. Give credit where credit is due.

And, last but not least, be humble!


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