Six Steps To Find And Work With A Mentor


Unleashing Your Inner Leader, by Vickie Condolff Bevenour, provides these six easy steps to help you find and work with a mentor: 

Step 1Find the person in your company or industry that you most respect.

Step 2Ask her or him to be your mentor.

Step 3Agree with this person on the time commitment for mentoring you (e.g., 30- to 60-minute meeting or phone/Zoom-style call every month).

Step 4Explain to this person the goal of the mentoring relationship (e.g. “My strength is _____and I want to find more opportunities to use it in my daily work.”).

Step 5Describe the top three reasons why you chose this person.

Step 6Explore together what success would look like and mean to you in the next six months. 

Bevenour shares that, “Imagine that if you follow this plan, in five years you will have 10 people who know you and will help support you in your career. This is truly career gold.” 

Thank you to the book’s publisher for sending me a copy of the book.



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