Rank-Order Priorities To Motivate Employees

When you meet with your employee during her annual performance appraisal take time to determine what motivates her when it comes to her career development.  Motivation changes over time and changes depending on where the individual is in her career.

So, to determine what motives her, author Paul Falcone recommends you ask her to rank-order her priorities in terms of the following six guidelines:
  • If you had to chose two categories from the following six, which would you say hold the most significance to you career-wise?
1.  Career progression through the ranks and opportunities for promotion and advancement.
2.  Lateral assumption of increased job responsibilities and skill building (e.g. rotational assignments).
3.  Acquisition of new technical skills (typically requiring outside training and certification).
4.  Development of stronger leadership, managerial, or administrative skills.
5.  Work-life balance.
6.  Money and other forms of compensation.

Then, do your best to match her next year's goals and objectives with projects, duties, assignments, activities, actions tied to what motivates her most.

You'll find many more helpful tips in Falcone's book, 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals.


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