The Most Important Team Building Hour Of The Day Is Lunch

According to Flavio Martins, the author of the new book, Win The Customer, the most important team building hour of the day is lunch hour.

He explains (using insights from Joel Spolsky) that, "great workplace cultures and places where people love to work are environments where people are emotionally involved, happy and excited to come to work. One of the keys to achieving this is getting to know each other as individuals and a part of a team. Having this type of relationship helps keep team members engaged with each other, as well as with the organization and its overall goals."

He adds that, "being part of a group and fostering camaraderie by eating lunch together is vastly superior to eating by yourself at work. A simple 30- to 60-minute break away from your desk spent with others is a stress reducer and a great way to develop the sense of culture within an organization.

Therefore, encourage your team members to take time to sit down with other people on the team and talk about anything and everything. This interaction will go a long way to cultivating the type of open communication and familiarity that makes people more effective in working together on their assigned projects.


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