Vaporized Prepares You For The Future

Robert Tercek’s new book, Vaporized, will likely scare you. That’s because digital pioneer and business futurist, Tercek, writes about the Digital Wave — the process that is rippling across society like a seismic wave, reshaping one industry after another.

“Digital technology will transform every sector and economic system on the planet in almost unimaginable ways even those once thought to be immune from its effects,” says Tercek.

Naming this sweeping trend, vaporized, Tercek predicts that whatever can be vaporized will be. Meaning that any part of your business or product that can be replaced by pure digital information almost certainly will be.

“The process of vaporizing physical things and replacing them with digital substitutes is the biggest trend affecting manufacturing, distribution, retail, and marketing in the 21st century,” Tercek adds.
“Plenty of people are overwhelmed, caught in the gridlock of denial about this rapid change,” explains Tereck. “Some deny even the possibility of what has already occurred.”

But, Tereck strongly suggests that we all resist the impulse to pretend that vaporization isn’t happening. It is. It will continue. He says that it matters deeply that we pay attention and don’t ignore the trend.

In addition to gaining indispensable insights into the future, Tereck offers you plenty of questions to ask about your business that help you determined how quickly your business could be vaporized. Questions such as these:
  • How might software provide a substitute for your company’s product or service?
  • Are you aware of any startup companies in your industry that focus primarily on reaching customers on the smartphone?
  • If your company provides services, how might these be delivered digitally?
  • Do the leaders in your company embrace the transition to mobile software?
  • Who is in charge of reinventing your company’s business model and operations?
Robert Tercek

Tereck provides strategic insight to Turner Broadcasting, InterPublic Group, PBS, and other firms.  He previously served in executive leadership at MTV, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and most recently as President of Digital Media at OWN:  The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Thanks to the book's publisher for sending me an advance copy of the book.


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