Leadership Lessons From Women Who Mean Business

Every year, the Kansas City Business Journal honors 25 women business leaders in the Kansas City metro in its "Women Who Mean Business" awards competition.

The winners are identified as those women in the community who:
  • are outstanding in their business accomplishments
  • have growth plans for their companies
  • contribute to the community
  • improve the climate for women in business

Key insights from winners of a recent year's competition include these comments and observations:
  • "Listen to people who know the business."
  • "I've learned when I'm angry to walk away, calm down. Never, ever, ever react in anger to anybody."
  • "Loyalty is not something you can spot right away; attitude is. Attitude is something you can't teach."
  • "Mentoring is opening doors for younger people."
  • "Work hard, but enjoy what you do"
  • "If you don't give back to the community, how can you be a whole person?"
  • "Our job as business leaders is to bring out the best efforts from the most people.  Give them something purposeful and meaningful, and great things will happen."
  • "I try to find people that I respect not only professionally, but personally." 
  • "You have to be a good listener and a good problem-solver."
  • Pay attention and enjoy where you are instead of worrying about what's 10 steps ahead of you."
  • "I'm always focusing on what is this decision going to look like five years from now."
  • "I will not pretend I have all the answers. I will seek input from others so I can develop the right answers."


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