Take The Email-Free Vacation Pledge

As the season of spring vacations continues throughout the U.S, communication expert, David Grossman, encourages you to take his pledge for an email-free vacation. 

When you take the pledge you'll also learn from David his recommended Eight Great Steps to Unplug & Recharge.

David has found that a growing number of his clients are looking for new ways to address mounting email overload in their workplaces. Many of them worry about the impact of growing email volume on productivity and their efforts to build a healthy work-life balance. In short, many workers feel they can never turn off email, at work or during their precious vacation time.

"Vacation is typically a time set aside to relax and recharge, but few people are able to do so because they’re tethered to their work email," explains David. "In fact, according to recent research, 42% of employees feel obligated to check their email during vacation and one in ten check their email on an hourly basis.1

You can find the pledge here.

David is Founder and CEO of The Grossman Group, a Chicago-based communications consultancy focused on organizational consulting, strategic leadership development and internal communications. 

The Grossman Group's client roster companies such as Accor, AOL, CVS/Caremark, HTC, GlaxoSmithKline, Heinz, Intel, Johnson Controls, LifeScan (a Johnson & Johnson company), Lilly, Lockheed Martin, MassMutual, McDonald's, Microsoft, DuPont Pioneer, Rockwell Automation, Symantec, and Virgin Atlantic, among others.

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