12 Questions To Ask About Your Customers To Help You Find New Customers

As a sales leader, it's important that you analyze your current customers to help you identify the best places to focus your energies for finding new customers.  That's the advice of Brian Tracy in his new book, Unlimited Sales Success.

And, Tracy recommends that the best way to analyze your current customers is to ask and answer these twelve questions:
  1. Who is using your product or service today?
  2. Who will be using it in the future, based on current trends?
  3. Why should somebody buy your product at all?
  4. If someone should buy your product, why should they buy it from your company rather than from some other company?
  5. If customers have decided to buy from your company, shy should they buy the product or service from you personally, rather than from someone else in your company?
  6. Who exactly is your customer?  Who buys from you most readily? 
  7. Why does your customer buy your product or service?  What specific benefits does the customer receive from your product or service?
  8. Who or what is your competition for the customer?
  9. Why, specifically, do customers buy from your competition?
  10. What advantages do customers perceive in buying from your competitor that they do not perceive when considering buying from you?
  11. What weaknesses do customers perceive in your product or service offering?
  12. How can you offset these perceived weaknesses?


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