David Grossman Releases New eBook On How To Get Employees On Your Side During Cost Cuts

"Talking to employees about cost cuts is a difficult job for leaders and communicators, yet it is vitally important to get it right, especially now that it is such a big part of the way businesses function," explains communications expert, David Grossman.
He adds that, "Scores of the Fortune 500 clients we’ve worked with at The Grossman Group are cutting costs, and often that’s not because of financial issues. Instead, cutting costs is seen as a smart business practice, designed to help a company prioritize so it can innovate, invest smartly and grow."
"At the same time, poorly communicated cuts can severely damage employee morale, as well as a company’s ultimate results. In our experience, leaders who know how to communicate company changes ultimately succeed because high engagement levels are leading indicators of financial performance and other positive business results."
Drawing from case studies of leading businesses, Grossman's latest free eBookCutting to Win: 6 Steps For Getting Employees on Your Side During Cost Cuts, offers 6 critical steps and strategies to help you navigate through times of change within your company.


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