The Better Way For Discussing Performance With An Employee

Here is some great advice about the emerging practices for performance and development dialogue with an employee from the new book, Reinventing TheOrganization.

Authors Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich recommend your conversations switch from
  • Having a conversation about performance at one point in time TO having performance conversations in real time (ongoing).
  • Focusing on ability TO focusing on effort to help create a growth mindset in the employee. Praise efforts as well as results.
  • Looking back TO looking forward to see opportunity and to create learning.
  • Emphasizing what is wrong TO focusing on what is right (keep a five-to-one positive-to-negative ratio).
  • Focusing on actions TO focusing on the sustainability of actions.
  • Talking about what has happened and what should happen TO listening and engaging in affirmative conversation about what could happen next. 
To learn more ways your company can deliver radically greater value in today’s fast changing marketplace, read Reinventing The Organization.


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