Size And Stability Are Trumped By Quickness And Agility

“The bottom line is that in today’s world, your organization must respond to change and adopt new ways of doing things, even if you fail in the short term so that you can learn and grow,” explain the authors of the new book, Reinventing the Organization.

“Size and stability are trumped by quickness and agility,” add authors Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich. And, “the most dangerous place to be today and going forward is to believe yourself to be utterly competent and confident in a business you do not recognize as outdated.”

Arthur Yeung

Dave Ulrich

The book will teach you that reinvented organizations not only examine what goes on inside their organization, but also look to what is outside: their networks, their partners, and the marketplace they want to dominate. Reinventing is hard work, though, because it is much easier to start a new organization than it is to reinvent a legacy organization.

Yeung and Ulrich recommend leaders ask themselves the following questions when embarking on reinvention:
  • Do I recognize that change is not an option?
  • Do we (the company) have the will (energy, drive, capacity) to make sustainable change happen?
  • Do we have a roadmap for reinventing ourselves?
You can find a sample roadmap with principles, processes, diagnostics, tools and suggested actions in the book.

Thank you to the book’s publisher for sending me an advance copy of the book.


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