Use Words That Show Your Emotional Investment

"When you convey your vision, you must show your passion for it and commitment to it," explains Bart Egnal in his new book, Leading Through Language.

And, use words that show how you and your listeners should feel about what you are saying whether that be about your vision or the vision of your organization.

For example, here are two examples from Egnal that demonstrate how to take a generic vision and then deliver it with language that shows the speaker's emotions:

Emotionless: "To become Florida's industry leader in caring for seniors in their retirement by 2020."

With excitement: "I believe that together we can take this company to a place where we are the industry leader in Florida by 2020 - and we'll do it by becoming the first choice for seniors who are looking for a place to retire comfortably."

Emotionless: "To become a truly global fertilizer products business that serves clients on all continents."

With urgency, passion: "We're at a crossroads -- either we get swallowed up by our competitors or we grow and prosper in the global market. Let's choose that path and become a global fertilizer company."

Egnal is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Humphrey Group, a global firm focused on building leadership communication skills.


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