Aren't We Pretty Much All The Same?

When I think about all my colleagues, co-workers and employees, former co-workers, friends, and teammates, I content that we are pretty much all the same.  Even though I read nearly daily articles about all the various generations in the workforce and how "different" we all are.

I content that despite who you are, we pretty much all have the following in common.  We want and need to be:
  • Respected
  • Valued
  • Heard
  • Appreciated
  • Accepted
  • Engaged
  • Encouraged
Young and not so young; man or woman; new to the workforce or long-time employee, don't we all have these needs in common?

I believe we do. 

So, as a leader, keep these basic needs in mind when you lead your employees, teams and groups, and you are bound to be a leader for whom employees will want to work.


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