How Video Recruitment Cuts The Cost Of Finding New Staff

Today's Guest Post is from a company that offers a new exciting service for leaders, managers and human resources departments.

Guest Post

By Andy Law,

Finding new staff is a headache for any business. It involves a lot of time, organization and cost (for example, the UK recruitment industry reports that on average a new hire costs over £5,000). But now video recruitment offers a way of not only cutting costs but making the recruitment process as effective as possible. It’s an option that every business should consider.

The growth of video on the web has been phenomenal and people now create, edit and share videos online as a matter of course. This means that a huge number of job seekers are now video literate and entirely at ease with recording themselves. So if you’re looking for new employees, it makes sense to tap into this ever-growing resource of video-savvy candidates.

And it is easy to do - in fact you probably already have all the equipment you need. A new wave of video recruitment companies provide the ability to start recruiting via video immediately. They have created all the software and the systems to do the job seamlessly - all you do is pay a small monthly fee to use the service.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for an account - the cost is minimal and the power you have at your fingertips is staggering.

2. Record your interview questions. Don’t worry if you’re a bit reticent to see yourself on video: the software allows you to practice and record as many times as you like - at no additional cost.

3. Invite candidates to apply. How you do that is entirely up to you - you can use traditional methods, advertise on a job site, post the job on your own site - whatever you like.

4. Candidates login, see a video of your questions and then record their answers. All the answers you receive are recorded and stored for instant access.

5. Review the recordings and then invite your chosen candidates to take part in a live video interview. That saves you time and expense - and does the same for the candidate. No longer do they have to make the trip from say Glasgow to London, you can see and interact online and decide who to take to the next stage.

6. The final step is to invite a select group of candidates you’re already familiar with, to a final face-to-face interview.

Many businesses take a ‘wait and see’ approach to new technology. But the potential of video recruitment, the low cost and the ease of use makes this a resource any business should consider. Click here for a free trial.

About The Author:
Law is the Chief Marketing Officer of, an online video interviewing platform based in London and serving clients throughout the world. He has recruiting experience across many industry sectors and has unique insights on how to build strong teams using the latest video recruitment technology. You can follow Andy on Twitter @huddlerecruit


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