First-Time Leaders Need The 5Cs Situation Assessment

As a first-time leader, you'll find it helpful to have some framework for your thinking.  More specifically, according to authors George Bradt and Gillian Daivs of, First-Time Leader, you will benefit from the 5Cs Situation Assessment.

This provides you a framework for understanding the your business environment by looking at customers, collaborators, capabilities, competitors, and conditions.

So, as you meet with you colleagues and employees in your new leaders role, as them to share with you their insights about:

  • Customers:  First line, customer chain, end users, influencers.
  • Collaborators:  Suppliers, allies, government/community leaders.
  • Capabilities:  Human, operational, financial, technical, key assets.
  • Competitors:  Direct, indirect, potential.
  • Conditions:  Social/demographic, political/government/regulatory, economic, market.


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