Book Highlights: Kiss That Frog!

Missed a promotion at work?  Leading a team of employees that is frustrating you?  Out of work and searching for a new job?  Mind full of negative thoughts?

Then, take a couple hours to read the Brian Tracy's newest book, Kiss That Frog!

In the book, Tracy and co-author, Christina Tracy Stein, present a step-by-step plan that addresses the root causes of negatively to help you:
  • uncover blocks that have become mental obstacles
  • transform those obstacles into stepping-stones to achieve your fullest potential at work and in your personal life
"Perhaps the greatest discovery in psychology and individual fulfillment is that the biggest obstacles that stand between you and an extraordinary life are usually negative mental attitudes toward yourself and others," explains Tracy.

The authors also explain that:
  • One of the most helpful habits you can develop is choosing to seek the valuable lesson in everything that happens to you, especially negative experiences.
  • It's not what happens to you in life that determines how you feel; it is how you respond to what happens.
Kiss That Frog! is an inspiring, motivating and uplifting read.  A good reminder of the importance of removing negativity from a leader's work and personal life.


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