Geoffrey James On What Makes An Extraordinary Boss

A friend shared with me a spot-on article by Geoffrey James the other day. In it, James explains the difference between averages bosses and extraordinary bosses. He demonstrates why the best managers have a fundamentally different understanding of workplace, company, and team dynamics.

His insights are based on his interviews of some
of the most successful CEOs.  Read his article in its entirety.  The eight points he explains are:

1. Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield.

2. A company is a community, not a machine.

3. Management is service, not control.

4. My employees are my peers, not my children.

5. Motivation comes from vision, not from fear.

6. Change equals growth, not pain.

7. Technology offers empowerment, not automation.

8. Work should be fun, not mere toil.

James writes the "Sales Source" column on, the world's most-visited sales-oriented blog, which features the best ideas from dozens of sales experts and executives, along with James' unique take on the business world.


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