eBook Teaches How To Manage Email In The Workplace

Internal communication expert and consultant David Grossman of The Grossman Group recently told NBC Nightly News that workplace email is out of control.

"And, it's time to tame the email monster," explains Grossman.

"You'd love to spend your day doing your job so that maybe, just maybe you could get home and enjoy uninterrupted time with your family or get out with friends," says Grossman. "Instead, you spend so much time every day managing your inbox that everything else in your life--real work, family, play--is practically an afterthought."

Grossman has written a new free ebook where he tackles the email beast--showing what some companies are doing to:
  • rein in the email monster
  • make better use of working hours
  • cut back on the stress on employees caused by a 24/7 cycle of endless emails
The ebook also includes tools and strategies for managing email in your workplace, and explains when it makes sense to use email--and when we should take advantage of the myriad other communication tools at our disposal.

Finally, in the ebook, Grossman talks about the CEO of French technology giant Atos, who plans to phase out internal emails by 2014. The moved is a result of internal research that revealed time spent on emails by employees lessened time needed to be spent on management.


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