REI Sets The Example For Creating And Living Core Values

Are you a leader who is struggling with how to write your company's core values?

You can learn from Recreational Equipment Incorporated, better known as REI -- an outdoor gear and apparel co-op.  As described in Amy Lyman's new book, The Trustworthy Leader, REI concisely articulates its core values in this series of statements:
  • Authenticity -- We are true to the outdoors.
  • Quality -- We provide trustworthy products and services
  • Service -- We serve others with expertise and enthusiasm.
  • Respect -- We listen and learn form each other.
  • Integrity -- We live by a code of rock-solid ethics, honesty, and decency.
  • Balance -- We encourage each other to enjoy all aspects of life.
"The words contained in the values are not much different from those found in the value statements of any organization. So what makes it different at REI?  The people at REI actively seek to live out their values," explains Lyman.


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