Use A Board Of Advisers Instead Of Mentors

Here is one of my Blog's most popular posts from last with updated information.

David Burkus often provides valuable comments to my various Blog postings, and he's a person who effectively uses a board of advisers, instead of mentors, to help him achieve success.

"I've found that in my life, it was easier and more effective to set up a board of advisers," said Burkus, the editor of LeaderLab. "This is a group of people, three to five, that have rotated into my life at various times and that speak into it and help me grow. I benefit from the variety of experience these people have."

LeaderLab is an online community of resources dedicated to promoting the practice of leadership theory. Its contributors include consultants and professors who present leadership theory in a practitioner-friendly format that provides easy-to-follow explanations on how to apply the best of leadership theory.

Community users can download a variety of research reports and presentations about leadership and leadership versus management.

For example, a presentation on LeaderLab explains:

•  Management is made up of activities needed to run a business, unit or organization to help achieve its goals.
•  Leadership is what it takes to inspire and engage employees to contribute their best to achieve the goals, support the vision, carry out the mission, and embody the company's values.

Two of Burkus' favorite leadership books are:
•  The Starfish and the Spider -- A book actually about leaderLESS organizations. "This book examines organizations that didn't need leaders to thrive," said Burkus.
•  The Leadership Challenge -- "This book examines the practices that make leaders effective and teaches aspiring leaders how to inspire and lead others," explained Burkus.

David has written his own new book. It's called, The Portable Guide To Leading Organizations.


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