How Sports (Or Band) Can Make You A Better Leader

LinkedIn members continue to offer their insights on my recent discussion question about whether playing high school and/or college sports can help to make you a better business leader.  I particularly found the following insightful from a discussion participant.  She said:

"I participated in both athletics and band while in school. I'm not sure if this made me a better leader but it did make me a better team mate. My soccer coach grilled us about communicating on the field and if we didn't we ran laps. This lesson has been invaluable in my adult life.

"Band taught me to keep step with my colleagues and pay attention to what's going on around me.

"Most importantly I learned what it was like to be a champion and what it was like to be in last place. If you know these feelings you will always work hard to be on the winning side. Being a great leader starts with being a great team mate."


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