Becoming The Best


My favorite takeaways from the book, Becoming The Best, by Harry M. Jansen Kraemer, Jr., are: 

  • Your best self is not about perfection (an impossible and, therefore, futile goal). It is about becoming consistently disciplined and focused, making sure you challenge yourself to truly be your best self—instead of becoming complacent, convinced that you have arrived. No matter how good you are, you can always be better. Being your best self is a lifelong commitment. 
  • True self-confidence and genuine humility are the distinguishing characteristics that will showcase your values and highlight your authenticity. 
  • A best team is formed when people are self-reflective, understand themselves, and come together with a sense of common purpose. It takes each person operating as her or his best self for the group to function extremely well together. As their best selves, team members are self-reflective, balanced, have self-confidence, and are genuinely humble. 


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