10 Reasons To Use Storytelling In The Workplace

From Paul Smith's popular book, Lead With A Story, here are the 10 reasons for embracing storytelling as a business tool:
  1. Storytelling is simple
  2. Storytelling is timeless
  3. Stories are demographic-proof
  4. Stories are contagious
  5. Stories are easier to remember
  6. Stories inspire
  7. Stories appeal to all types of learners
  8. Stories fit better where most of the learning happens in the workplace
  9. Stories put the listener in a mental learning mode
  10. Telling stories shows respect for the audience
Smith goes on to say that:
  • you don't need a degree in English to tell a story
  • stories can spread like wildfire
  • lessons from a story are remembered more accurately, and for far longer, than learning derived from facts
  • stories spark curiosity and interest rather than the urge to evaluate or criticize
  • stories get your message across, without arrogantly telling listeners what to think or do


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