Welcome Ideas From Anyone

Great ideas for your business can come at any time from anyone on your team.

So, as a leader, be sure you dig deep for ideas, and provide an easy way for all employees to make suggestions.

Did you know that the idea for the microwave oven came to the inventor, Percy L. Spencer, when a chocolate bar melted in his shirt pocket as he stood in front of a magnetron, the microwave tube used to power radar?

Carl Magee invented the parking meter when back in 1932 the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce asked Magee to solve problems caused by all-day parkers in the downtown business district.

To jump-start your idea sharing program, encourage employees to:
  • Tell you the obstacles they encounter
  • Share what they are hearing from satisfied and unhappy (or lost) customers
  • Explain what they think your business can do better than the competition


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