Make A Plan As Part Of Your Goal Setting

As you establish goals for your team this year, be sure to include making a plan as part of your five-step process.

Keep in mind that those five steps of goal setting are:
  1. Set goal
  2. Make plan
  3. Get to work
  4. Stick to it
  5. Reach goal
Often, too many managers simply tell their team the goal, but fail to map out the specific steps of the plan to reach that goal. So, don't forget to do step #2!

Once your team is following your plan, be sure both you and they are sticking to the plan.  Don't let other activities and/or projects derail your progress.  It's surprising and unfortunate how often plans are abandoned in as little as three to four weeks.

Finally, explain to your team the benefits to them and your organization for reaching the ultimate goal.  Help them to continually visualize that end result.


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