Strong Leaders Can Say These Three Statements

In Brian Tracy's and Christina Stein's new book, Find Your Balance Point, they point out the necessity and power of being willing to say these three statements:

1. "I was wrong." - The authors comment that it's amazing how many people make a mistake and do or say something that they know to be wrong, but because of their egos, they cannot admit it. The authors recommend that because you are going to be wrong likely many times, the sooner you admit it, the sooner you can correct the situation and get on with the tasks at hand.

2.  "I made a mistake." - Many of the things that you do, especially in business and in your career, will turn out to be mistakes in the fullness of time. The authors explain that there is nothing wrong with this.This is how everyone learns and grows. What is wrong, they say, is to refuse to correct a mistake because your ego is so invested in being "right."

3. "I changed my mind." - It is amazing how many people dig themselves into a hole of stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction because they are not willing to admit that they have changed their minds, say Tracy and Stein. They recommend taking the courage to admit that you have made a mistake and then take the necessary steps to change.


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