Stop Asking Your Customers These Questions

Consider this advice from author Paul R. Timm. He recommends a different twist on asking your customers questions:
  • stop asking your customers the "typical" questions and instead ask them open-ended questions.
Here's specifically what Timm recommends:

Don't Ask:
  1. How was everything?
  2. Can I get you something else?
  3. Did you find everything you need?
  4. Will that be all?
  5. Was everything satisfactory?
Instead Ask:
  • What else can I do for you?
  • What else can I get for you?
  • What else can I help you with?
  • What else could we do to better serve you?
  • How else can we be of help?
These open-ended questions will let your customers really express their ideas, opinions and needs. Timm is the author of, 50 Powerful Ideas You Can Use To Keep Your Customers.


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