What Is Your Life Word?

You've likely selected your New Year's resolutions and set some goals for 2018. I have. Have you also read the book, Life Word, and selected your one Life Word? The one word that as the book authors say will significantly impact your life and legacy.

Life Word shows you the three-step process for how to identify your Live Word and the "why" behind that word so you can live with a renewed sense of power, purpose and passion.
  • Your Life Word becomes the driving force to align your efforts and eliminate distractions.
And, by living your Life Word you create your legacy, defined by what you leave behind that lives on in others. Your legacy is always about the lives we touch and the people we influence. And, as the authors explain, the value of your life and your legacy is revealed in the stories that those who were most important to you--those who knew you best--will tell.

In less than 100-pages and something you can read in about a couple hours tops, you'll finish the book and have identified your Life Word that will bring more clarity, confidence and courage to your 2018.

Life Word co-authors are:

Jon Gordon - @JonGordon11
Author of the books:
The Energy Bus
The No Complaining Rule
Training Camp
The Carpenter
Photo By: Jeff Harrington

Dan Britton - @fcadan
Speaker, author, coach, marathon runner, and former professional lacrosse player.
Photo By: Dan Michael Hodges

Jimmy Page - @JimmyPageVT
Speaker, author, leadership coach, NIKE sports performance coach, and Spartan racer.
Photo By: Dan Michael Hodges


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