Outsmarting The 7 Hidden Obstacles To Success

Last month brought the new book, Trap Tales, by David M. R. Covey and Stephan M. Mardyks.

It's a guide to avoiding the seven obstacles that ensnare people every day.

Those common seven traps are:

  1. The Relationship Trap
  2. The Money Trap
  3. The Focus Trap
  4. The Change Trap
  5. The Learning Trap
  6. The Career Trap
  7. The Purpose Trap
With sometimes counter-intuitive strategies and uncoventional wisdom, the authors teach you how to:
  • Identify the traps that are holding you back right now
  • Discover your escape routes
  • Avoid traps altogether
Thank you to the book's publisher for sending me an advance copy of the book.


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