How Not To Be Sidelined When You're Over 50

"It doesn't matter how old you are. Everyone has the same fundamental needs: to enjoy themselves, to be part of something larger than themselves, to confirm their own sense of their abilities, and to demonstrate to others that they've got what it takes," explains author Robert L. Dilenschneider.

"And yet, there comes a moment, generally after one turns fifty...when it becomes hard not to worry about being sidelined."

So, if you've over 50 and feeling vulnerable at work, you'll find Dilenschneider's book, 50 Plus!, Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life, a helpful resource.

He provides a blueprint for older workers looking to excel in the workplace, change careers, launch a new business or bring their expertise to bear as a consultant.
With 32 percent of the U.S. population now over the age of 50, Dilenschneider offers ideas on how to activate your network to look for a new job if your present position is no longer fulfilling. He also urges older workers to become comfortable with technology and have a well-thought-out financial plan for the future.

In addition, because so many workers over 50 now have someone in their 30s as a boss, this book also provides guidance on how to work with Millennials and compel them to appreciate your experience. 

"Those who are advanced in their careers know what works and what doesn’t, and can be tremendously helpful to a younger person in charge. Being a mentor to a younger person is a win-win situation for both people," says Dilenschneider.


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